It Takes a Long Time to Sell Or Lease Commercial Real Estate


Here are the Average Days
on Market for South Florida



Industrial + Flex



There’s Only ONE Way to Sell or Lease Faster


Get as many qualified eyeballs as possible looking at your property


We need both QUANTITY and QUALITY


We have the ability to get your property in front of 150,000 qualified decision-makers with 45 days of the listing. You read that right. It’s not a typo. 

If we started marketing your space right now with only email, which has a 2% conversion rate, 3000 qualified people would view your property with nothing more than the touch of a button.



We don’t just rely on email or message marketing. We use other technologies that allow us to far surpass the abilities of our competitors. We can cast HUGE nets or hyper-target specific buyers with just a few mouse clicks, pulling qualified leads seemingly from thin air within days of listing.

Its time to break free from old methods.

You don’t need a realtor to sell a property, you can always do that yourself if you wanted. You need a marketer… like me.

Leverage my 20+ years in tech & digital marketing to help you truly break free from the old way of selling or leasing property. 


Just give me a call or email and let’s get going!

Chad Massaker

Chad Massaker

Commercial Real Estate Strategist

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